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Stone heel

Stone heel


Pumice Stone for Heels

This is a medical-grade pumice stone suitable for treating cracked and problematic heels.

Benefits of the Pumice Stone for Heels

- Cleans heels from foot cracks and dark spots.

- Removes the unwanted layer of skin from the feet.

- Completely cleanses the feet and gives them a beautiful shape.

- Exfoliates dead skin from the feet.

- Evens out the skin tone of the feet and removes the edges of the cracks.

How to Use the Pumice Stone for Heels

1. Before using the pumice stone, soak your feet in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes.

2. After warming up your feet, remove them from the water, dry them, and let them rest for a few minutes to get moist and calm.

3. Apply a little Moroccan soap on the pumice stone.

4. Massage your feet with the pumice stone until you completely get rid of dead skin cells.

5. Use a Moroccan loofah to scrub the entire foot in circular motions and exfoliate the whole foot.

6. Finally, rinse your feet with slightly cold water mixed with lavender or jasmine oil.

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