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silt with Aker Fassi and roses

silt with Aker Fassi and roses


Moroccan Clay with Akker Fassi and Rose

Moroccan clay, also known as Ghassoul or Akker Fassi, is sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It has been used in traditional Moroccan hammams since ancient times for cleansing and treatment. The clay absorbs fats and dirt due to its rich mineral content, including magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, and zinc. Furthermore, Moroccan clay is rich in essential salts and effective vitamins for skin care. It's suitable for both facial skin and hair, as mentioned in the French instructions on the jar's label.

Benefits of Moroccan Clay with Akker Fassi and Rose

  • - Absorbs accumulated fats and dirt from the face and skin.
  • - Eliminates skin impurities, scars, and pimples.
  • - Helps in treating acne without leaving any traces or spots.
  • - Treats sun damage.
  • - Fades dark spots around the mouth and upper lips.
  • - With continued use, removes blackheads from the facial skin.
  • - Kills bacteria causing pore blockage.
  • - Treats skin inflammations and prevents pimples in sensitive areas like the face.
  • - Rich in salts that help rejuvenate the skin.
  • - Fights and treats wrinkles and age spots, also providing protection against them.
  • - Treats dark circles under the eyes and also swelling around the eyes.
  • - Gives the skin a rosy color after use, due to its content of Akker Fassi (locally known in Morocco as "Ghazal's Blood").
  • - Strengthens the skin, enhancing its radiance.
  • - Removes dead cells from the skin.
  • - Many other benefits you'll discover upon usage.

How to use Moroccan Clay with Akker Fassi and Rose

- Apply a small amount of the Moroccan clay on the desired area, either as a facial mask or on the hair as a softener and treatment for hair fall, or on the body for skin brightening. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

- The Moroccan clay can be used as a daily cleanser as an alternative to commercial products. It is advisable to moisturize the skin after use, especially for those with oily skin.


- Moroccan Clay with Akker Fassi and Rose is ready to use without any additives.

- Jar size: 200 grams.

- Purchase now, and you'll receive a gift with your order, courtesy of Zeina Store.

- The product, along with the gift, will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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