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blue Nila


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Blue Nila

Blue Nila is a secret of the Moroccan bath, since it is the custom of the bride before the wedding to go to the Moroccan bath where lighten the skin and freshness, Blue Nila is very well known in the Maghreb as brilliant in whitening and lightening the skin.

Benefits of Blue nila

  • Blue nila works to lighten and whiten the skin and remove the effects of the sun from the first use
  • Remove the blue enamel
  • Blue nila eliminates blackheads, blackheads and excess fat as it cleans the skin deeply and internally
  • Provides an attractive scent and velvet softness
  • Its benefits are light and noticeable to tighten skin flaccid
  • Used on beautiful body areas such as buttocks, elbow and neck
  • Blue Nile helps to eliminate the blackness of the knees and joints and the uniformity of body color
  • Helps to get rid of pigmentation and dark spots in the body and face
  • Give your skin freshness and radiance and tight skin free of fine lines

How to use Blue nila

Blue Nile blend for whole body skin

Ingredients :
4 spoons of blue nila
Spoon of cactus oil
A yogurt box
Mix all the previous ingredients well and put on the skin clean for 30 minutes, and if you want to apply on the face and neck prefer to grow at night to get the best effect and get a light complexion and dazzling and wonderful smoothness, and then clean the catcher well with lukewarm water and then moisturize your body and then prefer Repeat this mixture every week.
Blue nila Mix For Face
Mix the blue seed with rose water and put on facial skin and it is clean and leave for 15 minutes and then peel and wash the face well and enjoy the skin white and soft.
Blue nila blend for whitening the body in 3 weeks
Pint of fresh milk
Two tablespoons of Moroccan white beans "can be replaced by starch"
Large spoon of blue nila
Two cups of rose water
Mix this mixture with each other well until you become like the cream and put it on your body before sleeping, and then wash in the morning, and repeat this recipe for 3 weeks.
Other recipes for Blue nila

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