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Moroccan soap with roses

Moroccan soap with roses


Moroccan soap with roses

It is a Moroccan soap with roses, black, which combines intensely exfoliating, and healing and regeneration. It cleans the skin from impurities and dead cells, while all the natural benefits of the rose reach the skin and pour new and resilience, as Moroccan soap rejuvenates the skin and vitality.


The benefits of Moroccan soap with rose

Removes dead skin from the body

Removes dirt from the body

Removes toxic fats, that fouls bad odors from the body

Prevents the presence of fungi in the body and treats freckle problems

Deeply purifies skin and brighten dark areas with unifying their color

The skin of the body gains strength and immunity and makes it fresh and shiny

It gives you a good and fragrant scent that is desirable


How to use Moroccan soap with rose

1.    The bathroom in the house has to be well prepared and comfortable for the eyes with closure of all egress to increase the steam capacity in order to open the pores of the skin, and sit in the bathroom for a period of 10: 15 minutes to warm the skin well and to secreting of sweat and open the pores of the skin.

2.    Then the body has to be painted with Moroccan black soap on all areas of the body "except the eyes" and leave for 15-20 minutes until it penetrates into the pores of the skin.

3.    After that, the entire body is cleaned from Moroccan soap to come to the role of Moroccan fiber

4.    It is preferable that someone helps you while using the Moroccan fiber which is very well known, in order to rub the entire body areas of the back, front, face, and neck "lightly" and you will see for yourself how much fat, dirt and dead skin that comes out of the body.


Note :

·       Moroccan soap with rose is suitable for all skin types.

·       After using Moroccan soap and rinse the body, you can rub your body with drops of argan oil.

·       The package size is 200 grams.

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