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Moroccan Kohl with saffron

Moroccan Kohl with saffron


Moroccan Kohl with Saffron

Used by women in the deserts of the Kingdom of Morocco, our Moroccan Kohl is made from pure saffron. Known for its exceptional benefits and high price, saffron helps prevent vision loss in old age. It has significant effects on the genes that regulate the function of the main vision cells in the eyes. Saffron not only protects the light-sensitive vision cells from damage, but it may also slow down or reverse the course of blindness-causing diseases. Hence, we recommend Moroccan Kohl for the protection of your eyes.

Benefits of Moroccan Kohl with Saffron:

  • Moroccan Kohl with Saffron helps hydrate the eye and purifies it from impurities.
  • It treats eyelash loss and eyelid sagging.
  •  It strengthens the eyelashes, making them healthy and strong.
  •  Moroccan Kohl with Saffron strengthens the eye, tightens its nerves, and preserves its health.
  •  It makes the eye clear, bright, and beautifully seen.
  •  It eliminates eye germs.

 It has many other benefits.

How to Use Moroccan Kohl with Saffron:

Our Moroccan Kohl from Zena's Moroccan beauty products is easy to use. It is best used with a kohl applicator.

  • The packaging size is 10 grams.
  • Buy now and you will receive a gift with your order from Zena Store. The product and the gift will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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