Black Mud Mask


Black Mud Mask

Black mud or so-called Moroccan Gasol contains natural elements and vitamins nourishing hair and skin together. Black clay contains substances that have a powerful effect in the elimination of bacteria and inflammation, and is also rich in the element of magnesium chloride, which destroys harmful fats, and also rich minerals useful, Which gives it strength to absorb pores and renew cells and vitality of the blood circulation. In addition to other components that give it effective in the balance of body temperature, which is not only for the skin but also used for hair. Some women use it as an alternative to chemical shampoo


Benefits of black mud for the hair

Eliminates hair loss.

It gives it strength, intensity, and brightness.

Helps to lengthen it.

It is characterized by a fine clay smell that stays in the hair after use.

100% natural and safe.


Benefits of black mud for skin

Cleanses skin from harmful bacteria, impurities, blackheads, and pimples.

Renew skin cells.

Reactivate the blood circulation of the skin.

Soften the skin.

Eliminates the negative fats on the surface of the skin; therefore, it is used to eliminate "acne" and prevents its formation, especially with the addition of rose water.


Usage Tips

For dry hair and skin, it is necessary to add some natural oils so as not to dry your skin more.

Do not put clay on the chest because it may cause tightness of breath.

Make sure your skin is not allergic to Moroccan mud.


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