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Mask with Ekear fase and flower

Mask with Ekear fase and flower


Mask with Aker Fassi and Flowers

Moroccan mud, with the blood of the gazelle, or with Aker Fassi and cast iron, is extracted from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is used in Moroccan baths since ancient times for cleaning and treatment. Or Moroccan clay, as it is called, is also rich in effective salts and vitamins for skin care and is used for facial skin and hair, as shown in French on the cover of the package.

Benefits of a mask with Aker Fassi and flower

  • Moroccan clay absorbs fat and dirt accumulated on the face and skin
  • Moroccan clay gets rid of skin impurities, scars and pimples
  • Helps get rid of acne without leaving any traces or spots
  • Eliminates the darkening of the chin, mouth and upper lips
  • With continued use, it removes blackheads from the skin of the face
  • Kills bacteria that clog skin pores
  • Eliminates skin infections and prevents the formation of pimples in weak areas such as the face
  • Rich in salts that help the skin recover
  • Fights and treats wrinkles and spots associated with aging and works to prevent them
  • It treats the problem of dark circles under the eyes and also treats the puffiness that appears below and above the eye
  • Moroccan Clay with Aker Fassi - Deer blood gives the skin a pink color after use because it contains extracts of deer blood and its name in Morocco is Aker Fassi.
  • Moroccan clay removes dead cells from the epidermis

How to use the mask with Aker Fassi and flower

Distribute a little Moroccan clay on the area to be placed on it, whether on the face as a mask or on the hair as a laxative and treatment for hair loss or for the purpose of lightening the skin of the body and leaving it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water

You can use Moroccan clay or Moroccan clay Kagasol daily to clean the skin as an alternative to commercial Ghassoul, and it is also recommended to moisturize the skin after using it, especially the difficulties of oily skin.

  • Pack size 200 grams
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