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kohl with natural herbs

kohl with natural herbs


Moroccan kohl with natural herbs

It is used by women in the deserts of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the scholar Ibn al-Qayyim talked about it in his book Zad al-Ma’ad in the guidance of the best of servants, which is the stone of antimony.

The benefits of Moroccan kohl

Moroccan kohl treats eyelashes hair loss and drooping eyelids
Moroccan kohl with natural herbal extracts strengthens the eye, tightens its nerves and maintains its health
Kills germs in the eyes
It has many other benefits

How to use Moroccan kohl

Moroccan kohl from Zina for Moroccan beauty products is easy to use and it is preferable to use it as a kohl.
  • Package size 15 grams
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