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Horkous to draw eyebrows

Horkous to draw eyebrows


Moroccan Harqous for eyebrows drawing

Moroccan Harkous is famous in the desert areas of the Kingdom of Morocco. It is a natural Moroccan herb used to draw eyebrows for seconds, and it lasts for a long period of up to two weeks.

The benefits of Moroccan Harqous

  • Moroccan harqous is the perfect and most amazing solution for drawing eyebrows within seconds
  • Natural dye for eyebrow hair and fills in the blanks
  • The Moroccan harqous painting remains on the eyebrows for two weeks or more, even with washing the face
  • It does not cause any harm or irritation because it is 100% natural.
  • It does not prevent water from reaching the body and is not considered to break ablution
  • Easy to use

How to use Moroccan harqous to draw eyebrows

The ear oud is prepared, the ends of which are made of cotton or something similar to the ear stick. The oud is dipped in a harqous bottle, then the eyebrows are drawn as you wish in front of the woman and left to dry and not washed for half a day or more.
  • If you want the eyebrow color to be brown, after using the burns, you must remove it after about two to three hours.
  • The longer you leave the Moroccan horcus for the eyebrows before removing it, the darker it becomes
  • Pack size 10ml
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