Green clay

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Green clay for skin

100% natural Moroccan product. Moroccan green clay is considered one of the most effective natural treatments in the treatment of skin because it contains necessary minerals, works to tighten the skin and revitalize it and maintain its durability, which contributes to delaying aging and keeping its youth permanent.

Benefits of Moroccan green clay

 - Clean, filter and soften the skin

 - Lightening the skin color

 - Treatment of redness of face and neck

 - Works to eliminate the effects of pimples

 - Suppression of solar strikes

How to use green clay

Put half the amount of clay in a pot with an appropriate amount of rose water, and wait until the green clay dries, it is fast melting, my heart well until you get a homogeneous paste.

Put the Moroccan green clay on the face and neck and you can use it for the body as well, wait 15 minutes and then rub and wash the face with lukewarm water to remove the clay from the face.


 - Use green clay twice a week

 - pure natural 100%

 - Suitable for sensitive and regular skin

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