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ghassul chorfa al akhdar

ghassul chorfa al akhdar


Green Shorfaa Lotion

Extract from the raw clay mines in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and treated at the highest level of purity and quality to become a natural lotion 100% free of chemicals

Benefits of honest green lotion for facial and body skin

  • Absorbs the fat and dirt accumulated on the face and skin and purifies them
  • While continuing to use it removes blackheads from the facial complexion
  • Remove excess fatty secretions which improves the effects of acne
  • Lighten the skin color and protect it from harmful sun rays
  • Pure green lotion has antiseptic properties that rid the skin of toxins and germs
  • Eliminates organic substances and salts that are harmful to the skin and are formed as a result of sweat
  • Green lotion treats the problem of acne and pimples related to the skin
  • Green Gentle Lotion strengthens the skin, increases shine, improves skin elasticity, helps tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles
  • Removes dead cells from skin complexion

Benefits of Green Shorfaa Lotion for Hair

  • Eliminates excess fatty secretion of hair and scalp
  • It saves you from the annoying dandruff
  • It gives the hair a glitter and a remarkable brilliance
  • Removes residual chemicals used to stabilize hair
How to use the green Shorfaa lotion

Take an appropriate amount of green lavender sludge in a glass or wooden container, add a regular amount of water or rose water and mix well to obtain a suitable mixture.

* Note for dry skin or dry hair, preferably add a tablespoon of olive oil. Then paint the mixture on the face "in the case of using the face," or full areas of the body with hand massage (preferably circular motion) to be a thin layer, and leave for 10-15 Min or even dry, "for sensitive skin leaves only 5 minutes," then rinse with warm water.

(May notice slight redness after use, rest assured will fade after a little time to leave you a pink color)

Or put on hair and leave 5-10 minutes then wash with warm water.

The previous steps repeat the Green Shorfaa lotion method once or twice a week

Green Shorfaa lotion is used for women and men alike

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