desert Oils and herbs for hair

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10 oils and 10 desert herbs for hair care

A combination of desert natural oils and herbs is one of the oldest traditions in ancient Morocco, especially the herb of the zaz, it increases the reproduction of hair as it reduces its fall gives it a suitable gloss and nourishes the skin of the head.

Herb Ingredients

- Al Zaz herb

- Al Sunbal herb

-  Al ghazama herb

- Rose herb

- Al Rayhan herb

- Seaweed

- Carnation herb

Components of oils

- Argan oil

- Castor oil

- Almond oil

- Rose oil

- Lavender oil

- Clove oil

- Fenugreek oil

How to use 10 oils and 10 desert herbs for hair care

Take the amount of oil and massage the scalp and then leave for two hours, then wash the hair well with warm water.


- Before using the package must be moved to merge the herbs accumulated under the packaging to increase the effect of the product and then the proliferation of hair and reduce its fall.

  Use for 10 days

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