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Cactus oil

Cactus oil


Cactus Oil

A natural Moroccan product of the finest natural products, Aloe Vera oil is used in massage and facial care, skin and hair, contains 200 active compounds such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids

Benefits of Aloe Vera Oil

  • Gives high care of face, skin and hair
  • Softens the skin
  • Reduces redness after sunbathing
  • Restores beauty and elegance to dull, tired hair and protects it from falling
  • Used for massage especially for sensitive skin holders

How to use cactus oil

For hair: 5 points of cactus oil on the palm of the hand, and placed on hair washed and dried, and left on the hair

For face: 5 points of cactus oil on the palm of the hand and paint the skin of the face and neck circularly

To massage the body: take the body to be massage and put 10 drops of oil on the back and massage in a circular and long length of the body to be massage.

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