Cactus mint soap


Cactus and mint Soap

Soap with cactus and peppermint Moroccan soap with natural ingredients offered by you to Moroccan cosmetics

Benefits of Cactus and mint Soap

    • The skin refreshes to contain the products of nature
    • The cactus and mint soap activates the skin and stimulates it to build new cells and rid it of dead cells and accumulated layers
    • The cactus and mint soap protect the skin from skin cancer to contain antioxidant substances
    • Anti-bacterial and bactericidal
    • Vitamin E, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin
    • Method of use of cactus and mint Soap
    • Very easy to use for bathing


  • Weight of cactus and mint soap 100 grams
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  • The product + gift will arrive at your door

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