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Blue Kohl

Blue Kohl


Moroccan blue kohl

Blue kohl brings out the beauty of the eyes and gives it a brilliant luster with a properly used partner, so that it is used inside the eye along the line of false eyelashes

Benefits of Moroccan blue kohl

  • Moroccan kohl helps moisturize the eye and purifies it of impurities
  • Moroccan kohl treats the loss of eyelashes and eyelids
  • Strengthens the blue Moroccan kohl and strengthens its nerves and maintains its health
  • Eliminates germs with the eye
  • It has more other benefits

How to use Moroccan kohl

Moroccan kohl from Zena Store for Moroccan cosmetics is easy to use and is preferred to be used by Hyacinth

  • Package size 10 grams

  • Buy now and you will get a gift from the Zena Store
  • The product and gift will arrive at your door

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