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Argan powder

Argan powder


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Argan Powder

Argan powder, which is extracted during the compressing of Argan oil, or rather considered the output of Argan oil.

The benefits of underarm lightening with Argan powder

  • Lightening of the underarm area.
  • Unifying the skin color of the underarm is effective and satisfying.
  • Removes the dead skin from the underarm.
  • Removes dirt, dead cells, and fat from the underarm.
  • Lighten the darker color of the underarm and unifying their color.
  • Many other benefits will be discovered with the use.

How to use the blending of Argan powder for underarm lightening

Mix well with a little of lemon until it is homogenized into a paste, and apply it into the underarm. Leave for 15 minutes, then leave and do not wash. But leave the mixture on the underarm area for a day.

  • You can use it 2 to 3 per week.
  • You can make it at home as it is easy and very simple.
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