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Argan Hair Serum

Argan Hair Serum


Serum with Argan

The Argan Oil Serum is a very light oil that moisturizes and nourishes the hair and gives it a wonderful glow thanks to the antioxidant and vitamin rich antioxidant effect.

Benefits of Hair Serum with Argan

  • Reduces and prevents wrinkles in the hair
  • Treat finely trimmed hairs, damaged hair from pigment and floss
  • Contains amino acids that supply hair proteins needed for healthy and fast growth
  • Restores the beauty and elegance of dull and strained hair
  • Works to solve the problem of hair loss and adds to his gloss and luster and intensify him
  • Moisturizes the scalp

How to use Serum with Argan

Apply 4 or 5 drops of purple Serum on washed hair and dryer and rub the sides with your hands, use without rinsing.


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