Argan Foot Cream

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Argan Foot Cream

A cream of hand care and legs cracks with argan oil, rich in vitamins and fatty acids that essential for nourishing and maintaining the skin. It is a unique combination. It moisturizes the hands because it contains argan oil. It eliminates the cracks of legs and makes a remarkable recovery. It also helps to eliminate the impurities and cracks that appear at the feet at the beginning. However, it changes the dry skin to soft. The argan foot cream treats the fungus and patches of eczema present in the foot because it contributes to building the skin and formation of new cells.


Benefits of Argan foot cream

Used to treat foot cracks and roughness. Softens and moisturizes the foot, and also removes the dead skin


How to use the Argan foot cream

After cleaning the feet, put the cream with a massage. It is preferable to wear socks


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