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Ants oil

Ants oil


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Ant oil for hair removal

Ant oil is a way to reduce the appearance of hair in the body has been rid of it permanently or at least reduce the problem of the emergence of hair in the skin and sensitive areas of the body, and the results of ants oil hair removal results more effective than the laser in the disposal of hair and because it contains acid Formic or Nileic taken from ants eggs acid works to reduce and remove the hair provided that repeated use until it disappears completely, because the ants oil penetrates the skin, resulting in time to slow the growth of hair, and contains vitamins A and D of the body and free of chemicals

How to use Ant oil for hair removal

Zina Moroccan advises that it's necessary to remove the hair by means of the tendencies that take away the hair from the roots such as beeswax or sweetness not by creams or shaving with razor. The hair must be removed from the roots. After removing the hair from the roots, clean the area. Then wash the oil for 5 minutes in a circular way until the skin is soaked and leave for 4 hours and repeat the previous steps for 3: 4. Days, every day twice


  • It is preferable to put Ant’s oil for hair removal at night to get better results
  • If you have some light hair and the reason that the hair did not remove well, remove it from the roots and use the use of Ant’s oil again
  • You will not get any result if the hair is removed with a razor


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