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Taserghint Powder

Taserghint Powder


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Tasrgint Herb - Sargina

Tasrgint herb, also known as Sargina, is a well-known herb in Morocco. Women use it for body and skin care.

Benefits of Tasrgint Herb – Sargina

- Helps in whitening the face.

- Aids in removing annoying spots.

- Also used for weight gain.

How to Use Tasrgint Herb – Sargina

Tasrgint Herb for Weight Gain

1. Crush the Tasrgint herb with soaked dates and knead it with olive oil.

2. Then consume it by the spoonful with milk once in the morning and once in the evening.

Tasrgint Herb for Face Whitening and Spot Removal

1. Mix a little ground Tasrgint herb and add it to any available cream or soap.

2. Then apply it to the skin for 15 minutes. You will see the result from the first use.


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