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Takaout herb for hair

Takaout herb for hair


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Takawt Herb for Hair

The Takawt herb is famous among Moroccan women for its effective ability to give hair a natural black color and eliminate gray hair 100% naturally without resorting to hair dyes that may contain chemicals that can cause severe damage to the hair and scalp. Sometimes it is referred to as "Takwit" in Morocco.

Benefits of Takawt Herb for Hair

- Eliminates the appearance of gray hair.

- Gives hair a rich black color.

- Acts as a natural treatment and keratin for hair.

- Adds shine and vitality to hair.

- Strengthens hair roots.

How to Use Takawt for Hair

1. Take two large spoons of olive oil or cooking oil and heat them over a flame.

2. Add 250 grams of Takawt to it and fry it well until it turns black.

3. Then grind it into a powder.

4. Add a little "red oxide" to it and mix them well with boiling water.

5. Take the prepared mixture and put it over heat for 30 minutes.

6. After preparation, apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for a full day before washing it off.

By using this recipe, you will notice that your hair has become shiny and black.

Special Note about Takawt Herb

  • - Use ground Takawt herb.
  • - Follow the proper method for using Takawt herb.
  • - Zeina's store recommends using salt-free olive oil to prevent hair from drying out.


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