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Shirly Cream

Shirly Cream


Shirly Armpit Cream:

The armpit is a sensitive area where many girls experience darkening. Thus, the cream is used to lighten this darkness in a short period, not exceeding 3 days.

- **Shirly Hand Cream: Sun exposure can cause hands to darken, making their color different from the rest of the body. Thus, this cream is used to unify the skin tone and lighten the hands quickly.

How to Use Shirly Cream

It's recommended to apply the cream to the face or areas you want to whiten twice daily, regularly in the morning and evening. After using approximately two bottles of Shirly cream, your skin tone will appear brighter, better, and younger-looking.

Another Method of Using Shirly Cream

Initially, wash your face using a suitable cleanser. Then, apply a layer of Luxid cream to your face or the area you want to lighten. After that, apply a layer of Shirly Cream, ensuring it fully covers the area, but avoid the eye area completely. In the morning, wash your face with water and your cleanser, then apply a suitable moisturizing cream. Don't forget to use sunscreen when leaving the house. Use the cream every other day or once after a Moroccan bath.


Shirly cream should be applied to the face in the evening before sleeping, without exposure to light. The package size is 10 grams. Buy now, and you will receive a gift with your order, courtesy of Zeina Store. The product and gift will be delivered right to your doorstep.

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