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Sesame for hair

Sesame for hair


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Ground Sesame Seeds for Hair

Sesame is a herbaceous plant known as Sesamum, and sesame seeds are obtained by harvesting the sesame plant, tying it into pyramid-shaped bundles, and leaving it for several days to dry. Then, the pods of the sesame fruits are opened, the bundles are shaken, and the seeds fall out. The seeds are then purified from impurities, and become ready for use.

Ground Sesame for Hair Softening:


- 4 large spoons of ground sesame

- 2 large spoons of Moroccan henna

- 1 cup of warm water

How to Use Ground Sesame for Hair Softening:

Mix the above quantities with each other until it becomes a homogeneous paste, then apply it on clean hair and leave it for two hours, then wash the hair with warm water.

Ground Sesame for Natural Hair Straightening (Natural Hair Straightening Cream):


- Two large spoons of ground sesame from Zeina Store.

- One large spoon of corn oil.

- One large spoon of natural Aloe Vera gel.

How to Use Sesame for Hair:

- Put the corn oil in a pot, add the ground sesame to it and leave it for at least two hours.

- Extract the gel substance inside the Aloe Vera plant, then mix it with sesame and corn oil using an electric mixer.

- Apply the cream to the head, then massage it gently until the mixture reaches all parts of the hair.

- Cover your hair with a plastic cover and leave it on the hair for no less than 4 hours.

- Wash your hair and notice the difference.

  • If your hair is dyed, you can mix the ground sesame with yogurt only and use it on clean hair.
  • Results from the first use.
  • Buy now and you will receive a gift with your order, a courtesy of Zeina Store.
  •  The product and the gift will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

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