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Seder Leaf for skin and hair

Seder Leaf for skin and hair


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Ground Sidr Leaves for Skin and Hair

Sidr has great significance in improving the skin and imparting it with the needed glow. Sidr leaves have been used since ancient times to cleanse the skin and treat its problems. Sidr also provides lesser-known benefits for the hair.

Benefits of Sidr Leaves for Skin:

- Lightens the skin.

- Treats acne.

- Eliminates dark spots and blackheads.

- Tones the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

- Exfoliates the skin, making it fresh.

Benefits of Sidr Leaves for Hair:

- Sidr leaves are used to boost hair growth and increase its density.

- Activates hair follicles thanks to its natural properties that increase hair density and beard growth.

- Imparts natural shine to hair. Strengthens hair roots and reduces hair fall, promoting the growth of thick hair.

- Makes hair look denser and more vibrant. Provides extra protection from the sun and daily effects.

How to Use Sidr Leaves for Skin:

To purify the face and increase its freshness:

Mix a large spoonful of finely chopped green Sidr, a large spoonful of powdered milk, a large spoonful of bee honey, and the juice of half a lemon. Place it in a deep bowl, then mix together until a dough-like mixture is formed. You can add a little water to get the right mix.

Before applying the mixture to the skin, the face must be washed with warm water to help open the pores, then the mixture is applied and left for half an hour, then the face is washed with lukewarm water and then cold water.

How to Use Sidr Leaves for Hair:

Sidr Leaves and Olive Oil for Hair Smoothing:


- Four spoons of finely ground Sidr.

- A suitable amount of hot water.

- Two large spoons of yogurt.

- A large spoonful of olive oil.


- Put the Sidr leaves in a deep bowl.

- Pour hot water over them and mix the ingredients thoroughly with a large wooden spoon.

- Gradually add the yogurt and olive oil.

- Continue mixing until a dough-like mixture is formed that is easy to apply to the hair.

- Leave it in a warm place for a full hour until it ferments and doubles in size.

- Apply the resulting mixture to the scalp, massaging all the hair for at least ten continuous minutes in a circular motion using the fingertips.

- Cover it well with a plastic cover or a shower cap and leave it for about three hours to get the most benefit from it.

- Wash it without using any kind of shampoo. It is preferable to use olive oil soap that is sold abundantly in pharmacies, then wash it again with a moisturizer specific to the hair type so that it does not dry out after using this recipe. One of the best moisturizers is olive oil, which is used by applying a small amount to the head and massaging it well for two minutes.

Sidr Leaves and Castor Oil for Treating Split Ends and Itching:


- A large cup of finely ground Sidr.

- Half a cup each of: natural castor oil, aloe vera oil, and black seed oil.

- A little amount of arugula oil.

- A small half cup of pure olive oil.

- Two cloves of garlic.

- Quarter cup of natural vinegar.


- Put the olive oil in a deep, wide pot, and put it on high heat.

- Add the garlic to it, stir it well for a minute, then put them in a large bowl, and add the ground Sidr, castor oil, aloe vera oil, black seed oil, and vinegar, and mix the ingredients together to blend well.

- Put the resulting mixture in a glass bottle and leave it in a warm place for a full continuous week without opening it at all.

- Put it on the hair, gently and lightly rubbing, then cover it with a warm towel, and leave it for a full hour.

- Wash it thoroughly with olive oil, and repeat this recipe three times a week for about a month and a half.


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