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Sage oil

Sage oil


Sage Oil

Sage oil contains many anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It protects the skin from bacterial and fungal infections and helps control and eliminate acne and dandruff.

Benefits of Sage Oil for the Skin:

- Helps control and eliminate acne.

- Maintains skin moisture and cleanses pores.

- Helps get rid of dead skin cells on the entire body.

Benefits of Sage Oil for Hair:

- Helps reduce dandruff.

- Helps get rid of gray hair and restores original color.

- Kills germs present in the hair.

- Reduces the likelihood of white hair appearance.

- Increases hair density and shine.

How to Use Sage Oil for the Skin:

- Mix sage oil with coarse salt or coarse sugar to make a face scrub, then wash off with lukewarm water.

- Use a mixture of sage oil, egg white, and a little lemon and apply it to the face until it dries to give the face freshness and vitality.

How to Use Sage Oil for Hair:

- Boil cloves with a tablespoon of sage oil or sage leaves and apply it to the hair overnight for four days to get rid of gray hair and restore the original color.

- Add sage oil to sesame decoction to make the hair black.


The packaging size is 30 ml.

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