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Saad Oil for Hair removal

Saad Oil for Hair removal


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Tara Oil - Hair Removal

Tara (Cressa cretica) is a perennial herbaceous plant that contains multiple chemical components. It has been used since ancient times for its rapid growth and spreading, which has resulted in many uses and benefits.

Benefits of Tara Oil for Hair Removal:

- Prevents the growth of body hair.

- Leaves the skin completely smooth without any small hairs.

- Alleviates abdominal pain.

- Treats heart diseases.

- Relieves stomach irritation.

- Promotes urination and menstruation.

- Useful in case of hemorrhoids.

- Alleviates palpitations and cold headaches.

How to Use Tara Oil for Hair Removal:

A mixture of a spoonful of salt and three spoons of cold water is prepared. It is mixed well, and then the solution is applied to the areas where hair removal is desired and left for 5 minutes. Then it is washed with water for the best results.

  • The packaging size is 30 ml.
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