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Royal bath bag to whiten the body

Royal bath bag to whiten the body

Royal bath bag to whiten the body
The process of body whitening is one of the things that every woman looks for, so that she can get white skin for all parts of her body with the same effectiveness and degree. It is difficult for a woman to easily live with the presence of a lot of dark spots all over her body. Especially if it is a new bride.

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Benefits of a royal bath bag to whiten the body

  • It whitens the face with distinction because it contains Al-Wadaa cream and rose soap
  • Effectively even out skin tone
  • The ingredients of this set quickly penetrate the skin to moisturize and nourish it
  • Noticeably whitening the neck
  • Helps remove excess water from the face as a result of the massage process and open pores
  • All toxins come out of the skin as a result of the accumulation of water, fat and dirt under the skin
  • Remove dead skin from the face
  • Removes dirt, dead cells and sebum from facial skin
  • It works to whiten the neck and lighten its color
  • Attached to your order is a gift from the Zena Moroccan and natural beauty products store
  • Buy now and you will get a gift with your order provided by Zeina Store.
  • The product and the gift will be delivered right to your door.

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