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Red iron herb for hair

Red iron herb for hair


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Red Ferret Herb for White Hair

A Moroccan mineral used completely in hair recipes and treating hair problems. Our great grandmothers' recipes have proven their noticeable and wonderful benefits for hair and treating white hair.

Benefits of Red Ferret Herb for White Hair:

- It eliminates the appearance of gray hair.

- It completely prevents the reappearance of white hair.

- It makes the hair take its natural color.

- With frequent use, hair color becomes red.

- It prevents hair loss and strengthens hair follicles.

- It thickens hair and works to lengthen it.

- It strengthens thin hair.

How to use Red Ferret Herb for White Hair:

Take a small amount of the red ferret, crush it until it becomes powder. Take two tablespoons of Moroccan henna and two tablespoons of Takaout herb, a quarter teaspoon of red ferret, 2 tablespoons of Tannery herb, a little ground clove and mix everything well with warm water and leave it for two hours. Then, apply the recipe to your hair before going to the bathroom by about 3 or 4 hours and cover it with a Moroccan scarf.

  • Use this recipe once a week and hours before a bath.
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