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Olive Leaf for Hair

Olive Leaf for Hair


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Olive Leaves for Hair

Distinguished by its green color, olive leaves grow on trees and have numerous uses. All parts of the olive tree have been used for thousands of years in several treatments due to their medical importance and the benefit and usefulness behind their use. However, some are unaware of the benefits of the leaves of this blessed tree, whether on the body in general or on the hair in particular.

Benefits of Olive Leaves for Hair:

  • Olive leaves with grass herb nourish the hair and fight frizz.
  • Use boiled olive leaves on your hair immediately after showering.
  • Olive leaves maintain hair health and strengthen it.
  • Maintain scalp and give hair a healthy and vibrant look, and increase its softness.
  • Olive leaves prevent hair damage after using chemical and colored dyes.
  • Olive leaves work to reduce hair loss.
  • Protect hair ends from frizz and damage resulting from frequent dyeing.

How to Use Olive Leaves for Hair:

Collect green olive leaves and dry them, then grind them, and add a spoonful of ground olive leaves to a cup of boiling water, and leave the mixture for two hours then filter it with a strainer, and put the filtered mixture in a non-transparent bottle and store it in a dark place. When using, add a quantity of hair herbs such as grass, henna, and cloves with olive leaves for the hair and leave it on the hair for 1 to 3 hours.

  • Olive leaves for hair are not ground.
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