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Oil Jasmine

Oil Jasmine


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Jasmine oil

It is extracted from the plant of jasmine, which has an aromatic smell. It is a high-quality product from Zena Store for Moroccan beauty products. There are many uses of jasmine oil for hair and skin as well as intimacy.


Benefits of jasmine oil for hair

Maintains moisture of the scalp

Eliminates any pills or blisters in the scalp because it has an antiseptic quality

Strengthens the hair and gives its tresses a strong shine

It completely prevents crust formation

Reduces and treats the problem of hair loss


Others benefits of jasmine oil

Jasmine oil helps to relax and reduce tension and depression by massaging the body or inspiration it or steaming the face with water containing drops of jasmine oil.

It is mixed with other oils before being applied to the skin to achieve a tangible benefit, as jojoba oil or with avocado

Used as a wonderful tonic for sexual power.


How to use jasmine oil for hair

Paint the hair with jasmine oil and leave it for a period of time. It is preferable to always cover the hair with a shower cap or anything similar.



The package size is 30 ml

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