Natural cheeks and lips blush


Natural cheeks and lips blush

Enjoying red cheeks and lips is the dream of every girl, as it gives the face health, attractiveness and a natural glow. Its red color is stable for a long time and goes with all shades of light and brown skin. That's why we made the best types of natural cheek and lip tint.

How to apply the resource for cheeks and lips

To put the tint on the cheeks, use your fingertips or the appropriate makeup brush to apply the natural blusher on the apple of the cheek, and mix it gently to get the luminous color of your skin, and give your cheeks a natural touch, and it is good that the blush tint suits mostly all skin types, and you can also use it on the lips.

Note :

  • Order and gift delivered to your door
  • Pack size 30 ml

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