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Moroccan herbs for body

Moroccan herbs for body


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Moroccan herbs for body

Pigeon herbs or pigeon herbs group is a group of aromatic Moroccan herbs prepared by the most skilled Moroccan herbalists in proportions and quantities studied and weighted and consists of the following herbs:

Rose herb - lavender herb - lavender - chamomile herb - basil herb - clove herb - wormwood herb - white amber herb - Eldad herb It is very important and well known and its main task is to whiten and unify the body and dark areas

As well as other herbs

Benefits of Moroccan herbs for body

It works to clean the body well of dead cells and dead skin, as it unifies the color of the body and opens the skin on the condition of repeated use, and the Moroccan herbal collection for the bathroom softens the skin of the body and preserves its beauty

How to use Moroccan herbs for body

Mix the herbs of the bath with Moroccan soap, then paint the body with it and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then wash the body with warm water and then use the Moroccan fiber, the body is rubbed longitudinally until the dead cells and dead skin come out of the body and will be noticed with the naked eye, then wash the body again with warm water .

After completion, it is preferable to moisturize the body with Moroccan argan oil or your favorite moisturizing cream.

Other recipes for Moroccan herbs for body

- After the hot bath process and lightening the pores of the body, mix an amount of a group of bathroom herbs (two tablespoons) with the original Moroccan rose water, then apply this mixture to the entire body, leave the body for 15 minutes, then rinse and rub the body with Moroccan loofah.

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  • You can use any moisturizer after using the bath herbal collection for the body, such as argan oil or any moisturizing oil or shea butter
  • Use once or twice a week
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