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Moroccan hair comb

Moroccan hair comb


Moroccan hair comb

Who among us does not have this comb in his house since he saw the light? As for the number of family members, we find the number of this comb circular in shape and in different colors. With its round shape and multiple colors, this is how the Moroccan generation grew up with the hair comb

Benefits of a Moroccan hair comb

  • The Moroccan hair comb works on massaging the scalp, thus stimulating blood circulation and removing dust and other substances that clog the pores of the scalp.
  • The use of a Moroccan hair comb does not lead to the generation of electrical charges, such as a wooden comb, and therefore it prevents hair breakage and damage.
  • The circular comb is ideal for styling long hair, as it helps deliver the natural oils to all parts of the hair.


  • You should style your hair from the roots to the ends because this reduces the rate of hair breakage.
  • If your hair is tangled, start at the ends, not the roots.
  • Make sure that the traditional comb is original.
  • Do not scratch the scalp vigorously, because it leads to dryness of the scalp and the appearance of dandruff.
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