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Marriott for hair Marrube blanc

Marriott for hair Marrube blanc


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Marriott herb for hair

Mariot is a natural and aromatic herb with a strong and beautiful smell, and it has another name, which is the White Persians or Mariouta in Morocco, and it is known to provide many benefits for the health of the body and hair.

Benefits of the mariot herb for hair

  • Stimulates hair follicles and increases its growth
  • Works to intensify hair
  • Reduce the problem of hair loss
  • Treats hair breakage and breakage
  • It increases hair length

How to use the meriot herb for hair growth

We put an amount of olive oil over the fire and add to it a bundle of marriot herb, then let it boil, after that we add a little lavender and saffron, we take the obtained mixture and put it in a bottle and keep it

  • For dry hair, apply it before and after washing hair
  • For oily hair, it is sufficient to apply it only before washing
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