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Juniper for hair and skin

Juniper for hair and skin


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Juniper for hair and skin

It is a type of plant belonging to the evergreen coniferous family. It was widely used by the ancient Greeks and pharaohs in alternative medicine, and it has recently been widely used in the treatment of health problems related to hair, and its use in many natural medicinal recipes; Because it contains volatile oils, pigments and antioxidants.

Benefits of juniper for hair

  • Ground juniper herb helps to get rid of the problem of dandruff.
  • Ground juniper helps increase the growth rate of hair follicles and increases its density.
  • The ground juniper contributes to treating the problem of hair loss.
  • Juniper gives hair a soft texture and luster that gives the hair an attractive appearance
Juniper for hair loss
Very useful in hair loss and its results appear from the second use
Stops shedding quickly
Treats scalp and scalp pain from dandruff
Makes the scalp thick, which has the effect on the rapid cessation of hair loss
the components
3 tablespoons of ground juniper herb
A tablespoon and a half of henna
hot water cup

How to use juniper for hair loss

The ground juniper is mixed with henna and warm water until it gives a homogeneous dough, then it is placed on the hair. The longer this mixture remains on the hair, the better. Some of our grandmothers in Morocco used to apply it from the night before bed until the morning.
For those who do not like henna: You can boil a quantity of juniper from the Zina store for Moroccan beauty products with a little water and then wet your hair with it “wet the hair with water only” on a daily basis, either that or put the whole mixture on your hair and wait until it dries and then the hair is washed regularly Absolutely normal.
Juniper to filter the face without pigmentation
  • Very wonderful for the skin of the face, as many people use it
  • Very cool for sunburn
  • It purifies the face a lot
  • Removes dark spots on the face
  • Removes pigmentation
  • the components
  • 3 tablespoons of ground juniper
  • Rose water
How to use ground juniper for the skin
Mix the juniper with rose water well until it gives a homogeneous paste, clean the face in advance with a piece of cotton and rose water, then put the mixture on the face and leave for an hour, the mask will dry on the face and then the face is cleaned to get a wonderful and pure skin.
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