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Indigo henna for hair

Indigo henna for hair


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Indigo henna for hair

The indigo plant is henna for dyeing hair widely used by women in Morocco. This plant grows anywhere in the world and is known as black henna and is characterized by giving a dark brown color to light hair when mixed with henna or other herbs to thicken hair. Indigo henna is distinguished It smells like beans, and after mixing it with hair herbs, it also has a natural smell. Indigo henna is used as a hair dye and a natural remedy for the problem of gray hair naturally and with natural materials.

The benefits of Indigo henna for hair

  • Nourishes the hair and gives it vitality and strength
  • Indico henna for hair dyeing in black
  • Very suitable for covering gray hair in a natural way and without chemicals
  • Completely prevent white hair from reappearing
  • It makes the hair take on its natural color
  • The henna of the Indico herb works to get rid of gray hair and to soften the hair

How to use Indigo henna for hair

A mixture of Indigo, Indigo or black henna with hair herbs, dyeing hair and covering gray hair, take one or two tablespoons "according to the length of the hair" of ground Indigo henna, add to two tablespoons of Rumaymina + tannins + reeds, and add a little warm water to it until you form a paste Soft and should not be hard, and left for 30 minutes to brew, then placed on the hair and each strand in the hair from the root to the ends of the hair, and all strands of hair are rubbed and you will be surprised by the result after washing the hair.
  • It is recommended to use this recipe once a week
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