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Homeoplasmine cream to lighten dark areas


Homeoplasmine cream to lighten dark areas

A very excellent treatment cream for chapped lips, ideal for lightening sensitive areas, maintains hydration for as long as possible, and can be used on the body, such as the ends of the ears, mouth, lips, or a wound on the body. It is a multi-action ointment that soothes, protects and hydrates only the skin.

Benefits of Homeoplasmine cream to lighten dark areas

  • Dry lips treatment It is recommended to put only a small amount on the lips before bed
  • Home wound treatment also works well for treating small cuts or cuts in the skin
  • Recommended to help treat pimples in case of popping blemishes Helps eliminate inflammation and reduce redness in affected areas in just a few hours after use
  • It works to lighten and perfume sensitive areas and get rid of dark spots
  • It is used to treat eczema, humbaldamine successfully, to treat dry patches caused by eczema.
  • Fills any lines in the face and helps it to appear younger and more fresh
  • Treats dark spots and black color around the lips.

How to use Homeoplasmine cream to lighten dark areas

Take a quantity of Homeoplasmine cream and put it on the lips before bedtime or on the skin of the face after cleaning it well.
  • Homio Plasmin Cream Size 30gm
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