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glycerin oil

glycerin oil


glycerin oil

Glycerin oil is one of the essential oils for oily skin care, as it has made chemical cosmetics impotent and useless powders compared to their great benefits and the great services they provide to us. Its peach is sweet and has proven important in treating problems of various types of skin, especially mental skin, as it is useful in treating acne and skin infections and others.

Benefits of glycerin oil

  • Get rid of dark spots
  • Treating cracked skin
  • Skin peeling is an effective scrub for sensitive skin
  • Treating acne and pimples
  • Freckle treatment
  • Sun protection
  • Clean oily skin
  • Moisturizing dry ski Moisturizing dry skin


  • Avoid putting too much of it on the skin or leaving it for a long tim
  • Make sure to wash the glycerin off the face before leaving the house
  • Package size 30 ml
  • Buy now and you will get a gift from the Zena Store.
  • The product and gift will arrive at your door.

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