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Foot cream with Aker Fassi

Foot cream with Aker Fassi


Foot cream with Aker Fassi

Aker Fassi Foot Cream is one of the wonderful solutions for all women who suffer from dark spots on the feet and want to lighten and unify their skin tone.

Benefits of Foot cream with Aker Fassi

  • Helps get rid of impurities and cracks that appear on the feet
  • Treats fungi and eczema spots on the feet
  • It fights all fungal infections by destroying the cell membranes of fungal cells
  • To treat cracked feet, soften and moisturize the feet, and remove dead skin
  • Aker Fassi cream moisturizes and maintains the freshness and brilliance of the skin, its beauty and luster
  • It gives a beautiful color to the skin of the feet and gives it softness and beauty
  • It is also used for the feet, as it gives a beautiful color and luster to the bottom of the feet, as well as softness and high hydration.

How to use Foot cream with Aker Fassi

Aker Fassi foot cream is applied daily before bed on the heels
  • Package size is 100 grams
  • Buy now and you will get a gift with your order provided by Zina Store
  • The product and the gift will be delivered to your door

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