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Cream Prickly Pear Oil

Cream Prickly Pear Oil


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Cream Prickly Pear Oil

The prickly pear cream has tremendous therapeutic benefits, as it is resistant to all manifestations of aging and dry skin. It is also suitable for all skin types. It is a treatment for damaged skin thanks to the antioxidants it contains.

Benefits of Cream Prickly Pear Oil

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the skin
  • Gives you a light, white and clear skin, free of impurities and fats that harm the health of the skin
  • Nourishes the skin and renews skin cells
  • Moisturizes the skin and makes it feel soft

How to use prickly pear cream

Prickly pear cream is applied daily on clean skin


  • Package size is 100g
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