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Cream Glycirine-Keratine

Cream Glycirine-Keratine


Cream Glycirine-Keratine

Glycerin is one of the main materials used in the preparation of cosmetics, as this substance has proven its effectiveness in resisting wrinkles, slowing down the signs of aging, removing freckles, reducing the effects of acne, pimples and various skin impurities, and this is what makes it one of the most important basic materials for a large group of women.

Benefits of Cream Glycirine-Keratine

  • The glycerin in the cream acts as an effective moisturizer on the skin. It makes your skin absorb water from the air, which reduces the dry and dull patches on your skin. So it is very useful in winter too
  • Using glycerin cream regularly can make your skin smooth and prevent other problems associated with dryness
  • As for keratin, it is one of the types of natural proteins found in the human body mainly and is found mainly in the composition of the skin, teeth, hair, and nails, and requires its presence at moderate rates to maintain the health of the body in general and the health of these organs in particular.
  • It is used as an effective treatment for various skin problems as well as the skin, as it contains many amino acids that increase the moisture of the skin, give it a bright color, and creatine resists signs of aging of the skin, delays aging, and maintains the health and youth of the skin


  • Package size is 100g
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