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Cream Biafine To bleach sensitive areas

Cream Biafine To bleach sensitive areas


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Cream Biafine To bleach sensitive areas

Today, many women use it to treat many skin problems, and to whiten the face and sensitive places.

Biafine cream removes the dead part of the skin and works to stimulate collagen production to help moisturize the skin from severe redness caused by the sun, and is also used to treat non-inflamed wounds and to treat redness after radiotherapy.

Biafine cream side effects for whitening sensitive areas

  • Feeling a slight itching of the skin.
  • Sometimes feeling a burning and tingling in the skin as a result of the skin absorbing the cream, especially in cases of treating redness of the skin.
  • Simple numbness, but it quickly goes away on its own.
  • It is also not available in some countries.


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