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Comb wood hair - M3

Comb wood hair - M3


Comb wood hair - M3

Natural wood hair comb from juniper for hair styling and styling, made in Morocco from juniper wood.

Benefits of using a wood comb

  • The wood hair comb massages the scalp, thus stimulating blood circulation and removing dust and other substances that clog the pores of the scalp
  • The use of a wooden comb does not lead to the generation of electrical charges, such as a plastic comb, and therefore it prevents hair breakage and damage
  • The wooden comb is easy to clean, just soak the comb in hot water with vinegar and soap added to clean it
  • Helps the natural oils secreted by the scalp that help in hair growth and increase its health
  • The best wooden comb for styling long hair, because it helps deliver natural oils to all parts of the hair


  • You should style your hair from the roots to the ends because this reduces the rate of hair breakage
  • If you have tangled hair, start at the ends, not the roots
  • Make sure the wooden comb is always clean
  • Do not scratch the scalp vigorously, because it leads to dryness of the scalp and the appearance of dandruff
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