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Akpi seeds to enlarge the butt

Akpi seeds to enlarge the butt


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Akpi seeds to enlarge the butt

Akpi seed is an African herb product used to increase body weight. It is one of Akibi products specialized in weight gain for women. In the past few years, the name of this product has been popularized in the field of weight gain, thanks to its effectiveness in treating the problem of thinness that many people suffer from.

Benefits of the herb Akpi seeds to enlarge

There are many advantages in Akpi seeds, the most important of which are:
  • It works to increase the size of the buttocks and buttocks
  • It redirects the path of fat around the abdomen and midsection to the buttocks and buttocks
  • Make the buttocks and buttocks attractive and consistent
  • It prepares and prepares both the buttocks and buttocks for receiving fat
  • Effectively fattening the body from the first month of use

How to use the herb Akpi seeds

Grind until it becomes a paste and mix with shea butter, fenugreek oil, and a little fenugreek. Leave for a week before use, and apply in circular motions. In order to obtain a clear and stable satisfactory result, attention must be paid to the correct use of the akebe herb. The akebe seed herb is used ground in the form of powder at a rate of twice a day.
  • NOT Crushed
  • It should not be placed in the refrigerator
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