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Hedgehog for hair

Hedgehog for hair


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Hedgehog for hair

Echinacea for hair is a natural Moroccan herb in which our grandmothers put years of experience in the traditions of beauty and skin care. My lady should know that hair loss is not only the scourge of our time, but even our grandmothers suffered from it in the foot, however, with the variables of our modern age of pollution and unbalanced nutrition, women's problems have exacerbated And they find it difficult to care for the skin.

Benefits of hedgehog for hair

  • Hedgehog thistle strengthens and thickens hair.
  • hedgehog for hair treats hair loss.
  • Hedgehog thistle is a treatment for scalp hair.
  • Thistle Hedgehog helps treat baldness.
  • Helps fight hair loss.
  • It prevents hair loss and strengthens its follicles from the roots.
  • Intensify the hair and work to lengthen it.
  • Strengthen thinning hair.

How to use hedgehog for hair

The work of the Moroccan mixture for hair loss

To make a Moroccan mixture for hair loss, we first heat the rue a little in a pan, as well as the forks of the hedgehog, we take one or two tablespoons of rue powder and the same measure of forks and mix an amount of olive oil and mix everything well and keep it in a glass bottle for 4 days In a dark place, after this period, we shave our hair completely with the Qandaf and Harmal recipe, about 3 or 4 hours before going to the bathroom, and cover it with a Moroccan veil.

  • Use this recipe once a week.
  • All kinds of Moroccan herbs can be used with the hedgehog forks.
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