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Green Hashish oil

Green Hashish oil


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Green Hashish oil for hair care

Cannabis oil is one of the natural oils extracted from the cannabis plant and added to the extracts of natural herbs and wildflowers. Known from ancient times, it is the most powerful oils useful for hair and has impressive results in the hair care domain.

The benefits of Green Hashish oil for hair care

  • Strengthens hair follicles and helps them to grow healthy without breaking up
  • Good for the health of the scalp and makes it strong
  • Prolongs, intensify and strengthen the hair
  • Protects hair from dryness and external factors
  • Laxative and strengthening for hair
  • Suitable for making oil bath for hair
  • The perfect solution to have long and radiant hair
  • Cannabis oil gives a soft texture to the hair, fights roughness and gives it freshness for a long time
  • It is a good treatment for all types of alopecia (macular, body alopecia, head alopecia, chin area alopecia, Nervous tension alopecia)

How to use Green Hashish oil

First: To lengthen and intensify hair follicles

Apply drops of hashish oil to the palm of the hand, gently brush the scalp gently and apply to hair from the origin to the extremity and leave from 5 to 7 hours for ten consecutive days.

Second: to treat falling and dandruff problems and activate the scalp

Put a quarter cup of hashish oil in a pot and heat on low fire for five minutes and then leave to be cool. After taking some drops on the palm of the hand, paint the scalp well and leave from 6 to 8 hours for 5 consecutive days and then two days a week

Third: to soften and straighten hair

Paint the entire scalp and hair with a little bit of hashish oil and leave for 3 to 6 hours, and then wash it with shampoo once a week


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