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Rubia cordifolia herb

Rubia cordifolia herb


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Rue Herb

Rue herb, known for its uses in many traditional remedies, goes by many names such as Ruta graveolens, Common Rue, Herb-of-Grace, and more. It has been used since ancient times in the manufacturing of medicines that treat many diseases. It also has therapeutic benefits and uses in modern medicine due to its rich chemical compound composition.

Benefits of Rue Herb:

- Protects the body from inflammations, especially acne problems

- Detoxifies the body from toxins and microbes

- Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis

- Lowers the levels of fats and cholesterol in the blood

- Protects the body from the formation and development of various types of cancer

- Helps treat diabetes by reducing insulin resistance

- Alleviates the symptoms of menopause in women, such as hot flashes

- Prevents osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as the accompanying pain

- Protects the body from various heart diseases

- Enhances cognitive power, memory, and comprehension

- Eases constipation symptoms and softens the bowels

- Boosts the respiratory system and protects it from related diseases such as asthma and bronchial inflammations

- Purifies the blood from impurities and toxins

How to Use Rue Herb:

You can mix a small spoonful of Rue Herb with one cup of water. It's recommended to consume one to one and a half cup of Rue Herb drink daily.

Rue Herb can be used to prepare a water bath by boiling a small amount of Rue Herb with water and using it externally.


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