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Tritospot Cream whitening hyperpigmentation problems

Tritospot Cream whitening hyperpigmentation problems


Tritospot Cream whitening hyperpigmentation problems

It is used to gradually lighten the skin color in cases of dark spots or tan caused by burns or infections of skin freckles.

Benefits of Tritospot Cream whitening hyperpigmentation problems

  • Tritospot to lighten the underarm area in the least time
  • Treatment of darkening of the skin caused by skin diseases or pregnancy.
  • Treats melasma and removes dark spots from the skin complexion.

Tritospot cream for dark elbows

It works on whitening and lightening the skin color, especially in the areas of the elbow, knees and hands, as well as sensitive areas, provided that it is used with caution and in a small amount.

How to use Tritospot Cream whitening hyperpigmentation problems

Wash the place of the dark spot with water, then use a small amount of Tritospot cream on the size of the dark spot or the areas you want to lighten, then massage it until it dries. After that, you should wash your hands well.

  • It is recommended to use it twice a day for 15 days to a month
  • Contraindications to using Tritospot Cream to lighten dark areas
  • Tritospot cream should not be used near the eyes
  • Do not use Tritospot cream near the mouth
  • Tritospot cream is contraindicated during pregnancy
  • It is forbidden to use Tritospot cream on wounds and infections
  • It is used for one month only
  • Fast-acting and the results of its use appear within a week of its use
  • Make-up must be removed and not applied to the skin for 3 days before using the cream so as not to be affected by chemicals.
  • Do not use perfumes so as not to cause allergic reactions.
  • The use of Tritospot cream and exposure to sunlight is cautioned.
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