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Peganum Harmala for hair

Peganum Harmala for hair


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Harmal for Hair

Harmal, a wild medicinal plant, is known for its countless benefits for the body, hair, and skin. It has been ground for use specifically on hair and skin to take advantage of its benefits.

Benefits of Harmal Powder for Hair and Skin

- Reduces hair loss

- Gives skin vitality and radiance

- Treats pimples and acne

How to use Harmal for Hair and Skin

1. For hair loss

In a pan, put two tablespoons of Harmal, heat it slightly on the fire with two tablespoons of olive oil and half of the previous amount of castor oil. Mix the ingredients well together and apply the recipe to the hair four hours before bathing, making sure to cover the hair well with a towel or a plastic bag.

2. To treat skin inflammations (eczema)

Take a very small amount of Harmal powder (between the fingers) and mix it with 3 spoons of good vinegar and apply it to the affected area once a day.


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