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Dear customer,

Zena store for Moroccan natural beauty products is an Arabic electronic shop specializing in Moroccan natural cosmetics products, for wholesale and retail sales.

Started its activity in Egypt in 2015 - and moved to the stage of development during 2017 as a complete electronic store accepts electronic payment operations and allows shipping through major international shipping companies to reach the arrival of all people.

This site "zenamoroccan.com" is owned by zenamoroccan, registered in the Kingdom of Morocco, and its branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Link to our website WWW.ZENAMOROCCAN.COM

Zena Store for Moroccan natural beauty products is now located in:
Morocco - Rabat - Maghreb Street - Ocean District - Building No. 11 - Zenamoroccan

Specialized in natural and Moroccan cosmetics, we offer a 100% natural product. We are pleased and honored that all of our products comply with the standards of the Ministry of Health Safety in the Kingdom of Morocco and the World Health Standards, which aim to effectively treat skin, hair, body, and nails through cosmetics extracted from the womb of nature.

Our shop offers Moroccan natural beauty products with the highest quality and competitive prices.

We are pleased to honor you in this page for B2B wholesale.

We are also pleased to take two minutes of your time to read about who we are here.

Please be advised that our wholesale start from 10 units of each product and not less than this number.

For products in kilos, less quantity for wholesale is 5 kg. And for products in liters, less quantity for wholesale is 5 liters.

To take advantage of wholesale prices, you can contact us through our contact us page.

We are honored to inform you of our shipping and payment methods:

- For shipping and delivery Click here.

- For payment methods Click here.